Friday, 10 September 2010

Principles of Psychology form the Basis of Management & Business Training Technique

Psychotherapists can use a combination of scientific data, knowledge about the human condition, patience and carefully honed theraputic skills in order to better understand their patients.The British psychotherapist Paul Williams once said psychotherapy not entirely dissimilar from restoring an old painting! In this post we're going to look more at psychology in general and how it has been used successfully in the world of business.

The psychological processes of learning, personality and ones motivation lie towards the center of most management, sales or team building courses.Industrial and organisational psychologists can often help bring success to a company by analysing existing dynamics and improving these psychological processes in staff and members of the business. This form of psychology is called Industrial-organisational psychology.

The areas within industrial-organisational psychology are:

Job Analysis
Personel Recruitment & Selection
Individual Assessment
Renumeration & Salary / Compensation
Evolution of Training
Group Behaviour
Organisational Culture
Job Satisfaction
Counterproductive Behaviour

For more information about training systems in the wolrd of business have a look at Lean Six Sigma Training Courses.